Embrunman 2012

Three weeks exactly after the fiasco of the Alpe d’Huez, I am back in Hautes-Alpes territory for the almighty Embrunman. Longest running triathlon in Europe, 29th edition this year. Toughest iron distance race in the world, arguably. The bike course is 188k long – we’re in France after all, so why not? – and includes…

Does age affect your hearing?

Interesting – and reassuring – article taken from the originlive website: “I would like to start by saying that 25 years ago, I personally knew an excellent  audio reviewer by the name of Peter Turner, who was still reviewing at the age of 80!In case you are wondering if his reviews were reliable, I can…

Cedric lassonde alpes d'huez cycling

23 kilos a la seconde

Un homme de mensurations moyennes gravissant le Galibier, par exemple, développe durant une heure une puissance de 23 kilos a la seconde, soit a peu près un tiers de cheval-vapeur…Alors que le taux de travail du métier manuel le plus pénible atteint exceptionnellement, et pour quelques minutes, un sixième de cheval.” Pierre Chany