I mean these are the songs I went back to time and time again this year whenever I needed some solace from whatever life threw at me. It wasn’t a bad year by any means, but there were certainly some rough patches that required medicine…music that is, with a capital M.

# 5

Not quite the new Terry Callier yet, but this song hits all the right notes…and Lord knows I need good loving!

# 4

Pure pleasure – from one of the best (and most elusive) EP of the year.

# 3

Battisti! The poet that taught me all the Italian I need to know – this edit builds into a euphoric vocal crescendo of pure joy. Ecstatic.

# 2

best love song ever

# 1

Absolute masterpiece – this one reaches otherwise untouched parts of my soul. I’ve listened to this obsessively. Saved my life.

(also earns the oscar for the # 1 song to sing my lungs out to – well, not quite, but sort of – without having a clue of what the lyrics are)