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Posted By: Cedric On: Oct 3rd, 2020 In: Blog Music Comments: 0

Roots & Culture – Sounds of Love and Freedom

The recent combination of a lockdown + unusually hot weather has made us dig deep in the crates in search of fresh tropical grooves. Mixes were made, with two of these focusing on roots and culture iterations in all their glorious varieties.

The first mix was an attempt to put together many of the reggae cuts that were recorded in the many Caribbean islands outside of Jamaica. Some of these are to be found almost hidden amongst cadence-lypso (pretty much every record in that genre in Dominique circa 1970s had one or two straight reggae cuts) or cadence tracks , while others come from more traditionnal reggae artists.

While obviously very much faithful to the Jamaican templates, all these tracks also interestingly offer some additional local flaours. The playlist includes tracks from Dominique, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Lucia…and I even expanded it to Africa with countries like Sao Tome, Comoros or Zimbabwe.

The mix is called Marley Dan Syel and is available here, or to stream below:


Midnight Groovers – Ily Man

Belles Combo – I Man Culture

Liquid Ice – Madraguer

Ophelia – I Man Suffering

Difé – Ki Moun Ou Yé

Exile One – Hit Me With Music

Black Roots – Jah Go Lick Them

Rebirth 7th – Rebirth Special

Midnight Groovers – Dread Man Freedom

Liquid Ice – Soldiers Of Love

Tropic Island – Mle Rudi

Difé – Divini Nou

Ronald Pognon – L’Inité

6th Continent – Missié Caraïb’ Oh ! “Montré ou pa pé liberté…”

Admiral T – Fos A Péyi La

Regis Tareau – Sone Kon L’En

Coco/Fabert – Ban Di Fwam

Erick Cosaque – La Vie Et Les Gens

Patrick St-Eloi – Ay Pwan Van (CW edit)

Erick Cosaque – Wagaka

Erick Cosaque – Oh Laye Soti

Kannida – Rasta La

Bill Thomas – African Music

Azikmen – Won’t You Let

Djumbo – Africa’ Lypso

Tropic Island – Umodja

Thomas Mapfuno – Mugara Ndega

Harare Dread – Original Style + Dub

Pat Thomas – I’m A Fool For You

Sangazuza – Cêbê Sê Sótxi

Black Affairs – Mountain Side.wav

Difé – Marley Dan Syel

Midnight Groovers – Babylon Man

Liquid Ice – Jah Dread

6th Continent – Reggae DOM-TOM

Gratien Midonet – Leve Zié-Ou En Lé

The 2nd mix was recorded b2b with Belle Bete, my partner in crime at Beauty & the Beat, for our friends and roots and culture activists Stand High Patrol. The playlist shows a broad choice of grooves and styles that reflect BATB’s eclectism, while keeping it within the roots and culture boundaries (our boundaries anyway). The mix was first aired on SHP’s YT channel, but following some copyrights issues we have now uploaded it on our soundcloud too.

In the words of Peter Tosh,

Roots music

It’s got a hold on me

It can make you feel so happy

Whenever problems get you down

It has itaficial respiration, mhm hm

Keep your heart functioning sound…so sound