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Season On Hold

I have done a lot of crazy stuff in my time, willingly or not, but it seems the most extreme sport out there is commuting in Babylon, London town that is. After 12 years of daily commute, often on the edge and with quite a few incidents along the way (mostly resulting in material damages), I’ve been hit twice by careless drivers within 5 weeks. Once in plain daylight the day I got back from a key training week in Nice, and the 2nd one at night as I rode back home from the cinema – only to be hit head on by a drunk driver pulling out with no lights on the wrong side of the road…


Whatever you do you never know what the other guy is gonna do, so be extra careful out there. I for one didn’t have a helmet on the first crash and landed face first on the tarmac. I lost consciousness for a few minutes but was extremely lucky to come out with only 2 broken fingers and a few stitches here and there. I’ve been wearing a helmet ever since and this saved me on the 2nd crash (only fractured a scapula that time). Won’t be hesitating no more!


All that to say that once again my tri season hasn’t gone to plan, and I am still very poor at letting my body heal naturally. I raced Mallorca 70.3 less than 3 weeks after the first crash, had a rather good race but I destroyed my Achilles by pushing it to the finish line. I haven’t been able to run since then, and since the 2nd crash I haven’t been able to swim either. I am actually happy now to be able to lift my left arm above my shoulder 3 weeks after the accident. I had to sadly pull out of Xterra Portugal and Ironman Nice, which was my main motivation of the past 6 months…As hard as it is now to see any light, I am trying to regroup myself for Ironman Japan at the end of August.


At least the music has been keeping me sane once again, with some really great gigs at Brilliant Corners, a legendary 9th birthday bash at Beauty & the Beat, and generally breathing music as I am going through my 10000+ record collection pretty much vinyl by vinyl to inventory everything. Labour of love!



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