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Guest Mix for Ransom Note

Towards the end of 2019 I was invited by the music blog Ransom Note to deliver a mix to add to their series “The Wednesday Alternative”. As always it’s an eclectic affair, which goes from ambient to kraut rock cosmic funk to island disco to upfront gwoka, deep cadence and some more.


You can read the accompanying interview and download the mix here.





1- DJ Sotofett Presents Jesse – Autiomaa (I) (Tribbal)
2- Elles x Violet – A Life Lived In Fear Is Like Half Lived (Kasra V remix)
3- Dazion – Vx Lt
4- Satin Whale – Traum und Wirklichkeit
5- Woz – Compassion
6- Zazou/Bikaye – Soki Akei
7- Sudan Archives – Non For Sale
8- Fredi Michel – Enganami (Broke remix)
9- Oumou Sangare – Kamelemba
10- Emanative – Ominous Shanti
11- Konk – Konk Party
12- Unknown – A Jazz Thing (Uniile)
13- Feso Trombone – Shadow Dance
14- George Darko – Adikanfo (Party mix)
15- Eddy Louiss – Funky Day
16- Canoe – Paris-Antilles
17- Alma Negra – Sedowa
18- Sam Fan Thomas – Neng Makassi
19- Bebe Manga – Essele Mba
20- Mendes – Donna Kinjela
21- Armindo – Djulai
22- Sangazuza ‎– Izaura
23- Eddy Gustave – Ana Caola
24- Magic Connection Music Stars – Rara Magic (Tribulations)
25- Gaoulé Mizik – Folk Gaoulé
26- The Sun Light – De Pou Graisser
27- Ophélia – Nous Bien Heureux

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