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End Of A Chapter…

As I am writing this I would rather have been in Kalmar, Sweden, getting ready to compete in the last Ironman of the 2017 season, aiming for a top 2 spot which should have been sufficient to qualify for Kona. Kona, the mecca, the holy grail for long distance triathletes which has been my one and only focus in training this year. Admittedly it was an ambitious goal, but with a lot of luck and a decent form it could have been possible. But I have finally admitted that the dream is over and that I won’t see Kona. Not as an athlete anyway.


Actually before Kalmar (which was a last resort race) the plan was to be in Maastricht 2 weeks ago. But the plan had gone off piste 2 months ago, as soon as I crossed the finish line in Japan’s 70.3 Centrair race. The body had shut down and I couldn’t literally move anymore. A few days later I went up and down Mt Fuji on one leg,…A few weeks later, as I still couldn’t even jog I was diagnosed with a stress fracture on my left sacrum (and a less developed one on my right side) which, in the words of my osteopath, meant game over. However no one is more stubborn (and delusional) than a triathlete, and deep inside I still thought I could probably start running a few weeks earlier than planned, build up slowly and hopefully be able to have at least a go at qualifying. After all I knew that my swim and bike fitness were as good or even stronger than ever, and I figured out that some time off running could possibly be beneficial come race day. Maybe? Well I believed in it, did a few runs and felt ok…but never quite right. Only last Thursday, less than 10 days before the race and Kona deadline, I realised after a painful jog that the game was, indeed, over. No Kona for me, as going as an amateur in future years is just not an option for various reasons.


So that’s it, that’s me done with triathlon. Almost. 2017 was always going to be my last year, exactly 10 years after I started. I have been around a lot, met amazing friends and done some of the most spectacular races around. Embrunman, Alpe d’Huez LD, Xterra Maui, Norseman, IM Nice, IM Lanzarote, Xterra Saipan, Xterra Japan…the memories will be there for ever. However, before I start reminiscing a bit deeper and longer on a future post, I am still planning to do one last race where I can leave on a good note, shave my legs for the first time ever (!), make a party out of it. Possibly Barcelona at the end of September, if not we’ll see. But I’ll keep on training for now.


Massive thanks to my sponsors KIWAMI and CEEPO for allowing me to pursued this dream, I truly couldn’t think of better partners.



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JAPAN 70.3 / JAPAN TOUR 2017

With every year comes a new trip to Japan, centred around a race which I can use as a good excuse for a little holiday/DJ tour in my 2nd home. I have done 2 xterra (one in Marunuma in the Gunma prefecture some 3 hours north of Tokyo, the other one in Hokkaido, both in bear territory) and one ironman (also in Hokkaido). These races were all in fantastic locations, deep in Japanese countryside. This year however I came for the 70.3 which is based in…an airport. Centrair airport just south of Nagoya. Not exactly the same charm!


The airport is a destination in itself, with a floor dedicated to culinary treats, a massive public bath overlooking the runway, etc.


A busy hub on a man made island. We got there on Thursday morning, which din’t leave much time to acclimatise, but I am glad we didn’t arrive earlier as 4 nights in an airport is about 3 too many! Prior to the race I managed to find a 1.8k loop on the island where I could ride in circles (how exciting!), a run route along the shore and a swimming pool in Nagoya (way too hot, as always in Japan). No swimming nor riding on the course was allowed, and this being a point to point race with distincts T1 and T2, there would be no preview. Most importantly tough we also found the Banana record store and the Goza izakaya in town. Just enough to put us in good spirits.


With only 7 of us the pro field was small; however looking at the names I was very worried of finishing last. I’d rather come last of the pros than first of the age group any day (as long as I’m ahead), but still I’d rather NOT be last! I did come here in fairly good shape, having apparently recovered well only 3 weeks after ironman Lanzarote. For the KPR this race wouldn’t bring me much points anyway, but anything better than 7th would better my result at 70.3 Weymouth and so add a few points.


On morning day the water temperature was just under 20ºC, so wetsuits were allowed. A welcomed news, but surely not enough for me to catch the fast feet of my fellow pros! I did last about 200m but found myself in the red and had to let them go while I was going for a breather. Luckily the South African Johann Stofberg was swimming at a more decent pace, and I was able to hang on by his side the rest of the way, without spending much energy. We came out a minute or so behind Robbins, Nichols, Baldwin and Williams, and almost 4 minutes behind 2016 Olympian Ryan Fisher! A star in the making whom I’d watched on TV earlier in the year at the Super League triathlon series, more often than not attacking at the front of the peloton. This time he would just lead from the gun, atomising the field on the bike along the way, putting down another 4 minutes on super biker Brad Williams, and almost 8 minutes on myself. I reckon guys like Sanders or Kienle wouldn’t have done much better! For my part I started the bike as hard as I could, caught Richie Nicholls quickly and came within 30 sec of Robbins and Baldwin after 25K or so, but unfortunately they then started to ride together and I would only lose time afterwards, despite riding quite well. The course was quite unusual in a sense that it was full of dead turns and technical bits, and some little hills towards the end which would prove to be really taxing. Not a fast course by any means, but I must say that once again the Ceepo’s Katana powered by the A880 Progress wheels was not only fast but also a joy to ride.


I came in 5th in T2 having ridden solo all the way, and again attacked the run as strong as I could. 3’40 per km for the first 6K, which is when I started to almost simultaneously feel better, open my stride, and getting some serious tightness/pain in the glutes on my left side. Unfortunately this small niggle I’d been feeling for a few weeks had now totally flared up at the wrong moment. I would spend the last 15K in pain, running unevenly as I tried to ship most of the weight on my right side. Anything downhill or any steps were not welcomed at all. I kept my position however and crossed the line in 5th, having run in 1h21min. As soon as I crossed that line I couldn’t walk any more, that is how your body shuts down when the job is done! I ended up being rather satisfied with my fitness, but not really by how the race unfolded (if only I could have caught those 2 on the bike!), and obviously annoyed by this new injury…The next week would be spent on a road trip, sampling food and onsens in mountain ryokans, climbing to the top of the mighty Mount Fuji despite the mountain being ‘closed’, before finishing on a high with BIG back to back parties in Tokyo and Sapporo. The last one being the highlight of this trip, but that is another story (which you can read here).


As for the KPR…I have about 1% of chance to qualify but I haven’t given up. 10 days off and a visit to my osteo will hopefully be enough to have me resume training pain free for a 5 weeks block before Ironman Maastricht.




Mount Fuji closed!


on top of the world








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The Race – Ironman New Zealand (Through the Eyes of Silvia Gin)

During the days leading to the ironman in Taupo, I was followed 24/7 by the eyes/camera of Silvia, who made this little art project video about it. Enjoy!



The Race from Silvia Gin on Vimeo.

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(Primavera) Live Show on Resident Advisor

Recently I had the ‘opportunity’ to play records in front of a camera (a few cameras in fact) as well as a real crowd in our 2nd home that is Brilliant Corners. Fellow French man and house music royalty Jeremy Underground was on air before me, streaming to literally thousands of listeners.


Luckily Resident Advisor is a much more eclectic and connoisseur affair than Boiler Room’s, and we were both encouraged to dig deep and play records that were not necessarily club based. More like a radio show in fact, but in public and on camera.

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Barely a month after the Norseman it was time, believe it or not, for some back to back racing. And not just any races. A tough 70.3 followed by an even tougher ironman (rated amongst the 11th hardest in the world by 220 magazine).

I took 9 full days off after Norway, which were necessary both physically and mentally, before putting in a block of 3 weeks of good training. Weymouth and Tenby had always been on the back of my mind and I had planned my DJ diary accordingly. 4 busy party week-ends in a row followed by 2 week-ends of racing where I hoped to be recovered and competitive. Not an easy feat with the constant lack of sleep and feeling of being on recovery mode from the week-end until Wednesday every week. However, as hard as the Norseman was, its run section was either flat or uphill, meaning no descent, much less impact and a somewhat easier muscular recovery as a result, with almost none of the dreaded blown quads and D.O.M.S.


In ironman triathlon world, early September means the start of the new season for WTS, and that the hunt for KPR points towards the next year’s world champs begins once more. All the top athletes who have qualified for Kona in October won’t be racing at this time of the year (except Harry Wiltshire that is) and so the races are more open. My idea behind these 2 races was that the results would give me a good indication of whether I should pursue the Kona dream in 2017 as a pro athlete, or step down as an age grouper come January 2017 and go there as such.

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On a personal level, Ironman France 2016 will go down a landmark, what with press articles, sudden increase in strava followers, and most importantly a new sponsor with KIWAMI !


Barely a few minutes after crossing the finish line I was on the mic with Mathieu Amielh, whom I knew previously from Triathlete magazine. He has now published a fantastic photo report of IM Nice fror Strava, in which I have a small role 😉


The morning after the race I had completed an interview with the triathlon website bible Trimes, which you can  read here (in French).


Finally the good result (2nd French after all) coupled with my good looks (!) landed me a new sponsorship deal with my favorite triathlon brand, Kiwami. Believe me I am not lying, since I’ve been racing (unsponsored !) in Kiwami gear since I first ‘discovered’ the brand @ Embrunman in 2010 !


Very much looking forward to parade my Kiwami ass around as much as I can for the next 2 seasons !


Ced for Kiwami

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Post Ironman Nice  I allowed myself a full week of recovery (by that I mean not training, as I surely wasn’t sleeping much what with a few parties/gigs in a row…), and it seems my body really needed it as I was still limping 5 days after the race – my calves especially took a good beating on the promenade. The first few sessions back I didn’t feel so great, but by the end of the 2nd week I started to feel good again. To feel actually stronger than before the IM, in ALL disciplines (even in the swim, go figure). I even did a couple of PBs on my usual loop on the bike, and some really strong runs. Having now done a dozen ironman or so (and completed 8) I can see a pattern in that after an IM (even a tough/painful one) I start feeling stronger within 2 to 3 weeks later. Not a  scoop, this is called overcompensation. All that to say that my plan for xterra France was to decide at the last minute whether or not to take part, but given the fine form it was a no brainer…I booked myself an airbnb in Le Tholy, some 25 min drive from Xonrupt, and off I went.

This was my sixth time in the Vosges since I first came for the inaugural xterra in 2010, having done 4 xterras from 2010 to 2013, and the great Geradmer XL road triathlon in 2010 as well. Why ? Because the races are organised by the Charbonnier family at a high level of professionalism, and because I fell in love with the region (Alsace). One year we had a massive heatwave, but generally rain is expected with mud a gogo. Also this is the toughest xterra on the circuit along with Scanno’s, meaning a perfect training race for Norseman 5 weeks later. Or so I thought…

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As much as going to Malta was a very last minute (and well misjudged) decision, xterra Greece was very much part of the ‘plan’ set at the beginning of the season. A brand new location following 3 years in Lake Plastira in central Greece (where I raced in 2013), this was the perfect excuse for a fun sunny race followed by a week of holiday with my babe, a month before IM Nice. In fact I was so excited for the road trip across the Peloponnese following the race that I recorded a 10 hour + mix to ensure a perfectly adequate soundtrack!


Silvia and I rented a nice apartment overlooking the Aegean Sea in Vouliagméni, just south of Athens. In fact the location is barely 45min from the Acropolis, a kind of of rich neighbourhood featuring quiet residential streets, a nice beach (site of the Olympic triathlon race in 2004), a whole bunch of restaurants and (last but not least) a very fine bakery, but also a few hills and mtb friendly trails. And a beautiful lake with natural hot springs!

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Interview avec TRIMES

Ça y est je me suis fait trimer. Merci Trimes (copie de l’interview ci-dessous)!

Certains ont une carrière pour répondre à un besoin de recherche en notoriété. Dans le cas de Cedric Lassonde, un ancien champion du monde AG en Xterra, la curiosité vient du fait qu’il a probablement plus d’admirateurs pour sa carrière de DJ de la scène londonienne et son label Beauty & the Beat que sa carrière sportive. Nos premiers contacts avec lui étaient justement pour parler de musique… Et pourtant, le français mène en parallèle une carrière de pro en Ironman et Xterra. On s’est entretenu avec lui pour en savoir plus sur ses mystères.

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IM Malaysia 2015


The (very last minute) idea behind ironman Malaysia was to make one last use of my 2015 pro license, and depending on the result to decide afterwards whether to pursue the Kona dream and KPR race in 2016. Or not.


Obviously having never been to Malaysia the prospect of 10 days in the tropics in the middle of November was also a big bonus, and with my mum coming along it really was a no brainer. The big unknowns were my fitness level (what with 2 weeks off post xterra Japan in September then 1 week off sick in October and barely any running due to a micro tear in my left calf) and my ability to race long in extremely hot and humid conditions.

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