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Winter Warmer

Nice surprise to be the poster boy for XTERRA Guam 2013 ! I so so wish I could include another trip over these shores in 2013. Last year’s was unforgettable…Unfortunately at the moment I am the sorry owner of an inflamed achilles, a strained calf, a sprained ankle and a fractured rib…And I just signed up for Ironman Lanzarote in May. Vive le sport ! + more

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First Person View Of Urban Downhill Mountain Biking

An idea for a new xterra course perhaps? Hold your breath! + more

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Running is my meditation…


This is what I’ve always told myself anyway…no need to go on a 10 day retreat or through the pains of daily meditation when I can go out and run in the woods for an hour. The state of mindfulness achieved through intense meditation is arguably very similar to the state of “being in a trance” that can be reached at the end of a long and repetitive endurance effort. + more

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Xterra Japan 2012

One day in London to swap bikes in between the Embrunman and Xterra Japan, and off I go again in quest of new adventures. Tokyo is boiling hot when I arrive, 40°c and a humidity level that must be close to 100%! Walking the streets is quite an ordeal, but still I am so happy to be back. Nakameguro is almost my ‘hood now! Thanks to Kei and Keizo I have just enough time to sample some of the magic that is Japanese cuisine and leave my records in safe hands; it is not party time yet! + more

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Portrait du mois dans Triathlete magazine!

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Bear Bells and Rocky River Bed @ Xterra Japan

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Embrunman 2012

3 weeks exactly after the fiasco of the Alpe d’Huez, I am back in Hautes-Alpes territory for the almighty Embrunman. Longest running triathlon in Europe, 29th edition this year. Toughest iron distance race in the world, arguably. The bike course is 188k long – we’re in France after all, so why not? – and includes the ascent of the mighty col de l’Izoard amongst some 5000m of positive climbing; the marathon is the correct distance but features another 400m of elevation and is usually run under a deadly sun.
+ more

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Saipan flashback

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«Le sport de haut niveau, c’est tout sauf du bourrinage»

Belle analyse de Laurent Vidal sur les tribulations d’un triathlete olympique, et notamment sur l’alliance de l’école française et anglo-saxonne. De plus ça fait plaisir de voir que tous les triathlètes n’écoutent pas David Guetta


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Macca cruises @ 17.14 kph…



impressive win for Macca at the Long Distance ITU World Champ thanks to a stellar run: 1h 44′ 55″ for 30k, roughly 2h 27′ marathon pace or 17.14 kph…seriously fast that is.