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Knees and Elbows Deep in Deadly Mud Bog

First tentative ride of the autumn in Epping forest and it didn’t disappoint. The trails are customary muddy, not a surprise, but the fallen leaves covering the tracks allow for some nice little surprises…like this deadly bog I dove in head first. Invisible until I got right on it, front wheel got stuck right in and next thing I knew I was knees and elbows deep in it…and sinking. + more

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Try To Be Sure Right From the Start…

Truth be told this is not exactly the most ecstatic period in my life. Short cut story in 7 blissfully melancholic tunes

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4 weeks off post 70.3 Pays d’Aix might be a bit much, but this seemed well needed, physically and mentally. The period was quite busy what with moving house (and all 15000 vinyl records or so), getting a cold etc…would never have made it 100% to Maui, so best option was to rest.

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Running is my meditation…


This is what I’ve always told myself anyway…no need to go on a 10 day retreat or through the pains of daily meditation when I can go out and run in the woods for an hour. The state of mindfulness achieved through intense meditation is arguably very similar to the state of “being in a trance” that can be reached at the end of a long and repetitive endurance effort. + more

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Xterra Japan 2012

One day in London to swap bikes in between the Embrunman and Xterra Japan, and off I go again in quest of new adventures. Tokyo is boiling hot when I arrive, 40°c and a humidity level that must be close to 100%! Walking the streets is quite an ordeal, but still I am so happy to be back. Nakameguro is almost my ‘hood now! Thanks to Kei and Keizo I have just enough time to sample some of the magic that is Japanese cuisine and leave my records in safe hands; it is not party time yet! + more

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Portrait du mois dans Triathlete magazine!

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Barefoot children

The barefoot mentality keeps on growing, and all the better for it Smile1

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«Le sport de haut niveau, c’est tout sauf du bourrinage»

Belle analyse de Laurent Vidal sur les tribulations d’un triathlete olympique, et notamment sur l’alliance de l’école française et anglo-saxonne. De plus ça fait plaisir de voir que tous les triathlètes n’écoutent pas David Guetta


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Retarder l’instant du crépuscule

Pour tous les amateurs de vélo et de belles lettres, ce livre est un bijou!



A la question pourquoi (pourquoi se faire tant de mal, pourquoi passer des journées entières a pédaller, pourquoi ce besoin de compétition,…), Fottorino répond: + more

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Does age affect your hearing?

Interesting – and reassuring – article taken from the originlive website:


“I would like to start by saying that 25 years ago, I personally knew an excellent  audio reviewer by the name of Peter Turner, who was still reviewing at the age of 80!
In case you are wondering if his reviews were reliable, I can say that he would   sometimes go round to a much younger friend’s house to get a second opinion. I was with him on one of these occasions and can report that his hearing was as sharp as a pin – we had little to add to his observations during this equipment audition. + more