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Posted By: Cedric On: Feb 8th, 2013 In: Blog Music Comments: 0

Guest Mix on NTS Radio’s Spirits Frequency

I had the honor of being invited on their radio show by my brothers Koichi Saikai and Kay Suzuki aka Afrobuddha, for a short interview and an exclusive 7″s only mix. As expected I had a ball, much respect to them !


We arrived in the studio as Amir finished his guest spot on the Morning Marauders show…In just a few years, NTS has grown into a big hub for crate diggers of all sorts. Big up Femi for what you’ve achieved, and it’s only the beginning.

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DJ Zyron

Just stumbled across Sweden’s DJ Zyron thanks to my mate Chris Morris and this feels like discovering a soul brother you never knew existed. His mixes show impeccable tastes across genres but most importantly are masterfully put together, with – yep – feeling, giving the listener “a musical journey without boundaries” as the man rightly puts it. You can find a great interview here, and here‘s his most recent radio mix which I can’t recommend enough. Quality. + more

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How we got down in 2012…

Another year, another thousand of hours spent digging, sorting out, meditating, tripping, shuffling, cycling, running and most importantly dancing to music, lots of, more and more so. Cats like John Talabot, Cos/Mes and Soft Rocks never put a foot wrong, everything they touched was turned into gold. No trend per se, although admittedly I listened to a lot more deep house than usual this year, and a lot less “bass” music. + more

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5 tunes that kept me alive in 2012

I mean these are the songs I went back to time and time again this year whenever I needed some solace from whatever life threw at me. It wasn’t a bad year by any means, but there were certainly some rough patches that required medicine…music that is, with a capital M. + more

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Try To Be Sure Right From the Start…

Truth be told this is not exactly the most ecstatic period in my life. Short cut story in 7 blissfully melancholic tunes

+ more

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New RBMA mix

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What a night!

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Beauty & the Beat Tokyo 31/08/2012

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guest mix on Dr Rob’s The Remedy, Samurai FM

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Does age affect your hearing?

Interesting – and reassuring – article taken from the originlive website:


“I would like to start by saying that 25 years ago, I personally knew an excellent  audio reviewer by the name of Peter Turner, who was still reviewing at the age of 80!
In case you are wondering if his reviews were reliable, I can say that he would   sometimes go round to a much younger friend’s house to get a second opinion. I was with him on one of these occasions and can report that his hearing was as sharp as a pin – we had little to add to his observations during this equipment audition. + more