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Music For Quarantine (Pt2): Dream Attack

Confinement obliged I’ve spent some time exploring new corners of the house lately, and that included going through some long neglected CD shelves and boxes. Found a few gems and many a memory along the way (Mazzy Star! Silver Jews!) and made this laid back lil’ mix out of it.

Just a few seconds shy of 5 hour, it’s a good one (I think!) to get lost into during one of those peaceful and extended afternoon-into-evening moments we’ve had plenty of lately; when, for most of us, every day has been drifting like a Sunday. A feeling to be treasured at a very unique moment in time.

Cedric Woo · Dream Attack


  • Paolo Modugno – Le Marchè Des Femmes Au Port
  • Rokia Traore – Bowmboi
  • Mia Doi Todd – River Of Life_The Yes Song
  • Marie Sioux – Wild Eyes
  • Gratien Midonet – Mistigri (not on CD – exclusive!)
  • Long Fin Killie – How I Blew It With Houdini
  • Mike Ladd – Easy Listening For Armageddon
  • Juana Molina – Lo Dejamos
  • Tenniscoats – Marui Hito (Everyone)
  • Deux Filles – Silence & Wisdom
  • Philip Cohran – Black Beauty
  • Michel Sardaby – Welcome New Warmth
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg -AF607105
  • Cornelius – Wataridori
  • Ryota OPP – Voice Of The Tide
  • Jessamine – Your Head Is So Small It’s Like A Little Light
  • @ahra – Oasis
  • Baaba Maal – Koni (Featuring Ernest Ranglin)
  • Wopso! Gwan Savan’n
  • Simenn Kontra – Savann Maw Gaya
  • Gangbe Brass Band – La porte du non retour
  • Andy Palacio – Weyu Lárigi Weyu (Day By Day)
  • El Hadj N’Diaye – Boor Yi
  • Djelimady Tounkara – Diaoura
  • Birigwa – Njabala
  • Mamani Keita feat Jean Philippe Rykiel – Tamala
  • Neil Young –  Safeway Cart
  • Sala-Arhimo – Valve
  • Archimèdes Badkar – Lat Tusen Taxar Springa
  • Dhafer Youssef – Iman
  • Maãlem Hamid El Kasri feat Jean Philippe Rykiel – Chalaba
  • Group Inerane – Kamu Talyat
  • Terakaft – Ténéré Wer Tat Zinchegh
  • Malouma – Nebine
  • Mazzy Star – Blue Flower
  • Papas Fritas – Means
  • Robert Wyatt – Alifie
  • Rings – Tone Poem
  • Patrice – Lions
  • Maria Alice – Falso Testemunho
  • Mister Gang – Mae
  • Studio – Indo
  • Arthur Russell – Love Is Overtaking Me
  • Devendra Banhart – Taurobolium
  • Olöf Arnalds – Englar Og Dárar
  • Mihály Víg – Öreg
  • Tindersticks – Rumba
  • Labradford – I
  • Married Monk – Fetishism
  • Quartabê – Maré Baixa
  • Henri Texier/Strada Sextet – Too Late to Be Passive
  • Hugh Masekela – Minawa
  • Baby Bird – Love Love Love
  • Lambchop – Again
  • Silver Jews – Trains Across The Sea
  • Carver Trio – Lullaby

🌞🌞🌞 ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯) ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ (¯`◕‿◕´¯)ღ 🌞🌞🌞

And of course, one of the most consistent activity these past few weeks (cf previous post) has been to give thanks and praises to the most glorious April sun in living memory, with appropriate music to match bien évidemment.

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Sounds of Our Times – Music For Quarantine

Just over a couple weeks ago, I was asked by Christina Hazboum of Marsm Arts (the company with whom we toured Palestine in July 2019 in a cultural exchange between the UK and Palestine) and the lovely chaps at Rhythm Passport to put a mix together. Christina’s hometown in Palestine, Bethlehem, had already been in lockdown for a couple weeks, and soon the whole world would be in a similar situation.

Those initial days of confinement were the most terrifying it seems, with everyone trying to figure out this unprecedented situation, being confined at home and confronted with the dystopian sight of empty shelves at the supermarkets, checking the news compulsively every 5 minutes…I put this mix together to express the feelings at the time (confusion, chaos, dreams of escaping, hope) while trying to stay tongue in cheek about it.

Here’s the playlist:

1- Rhythm Devils – Cave

2- Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Going To Go

3- Eugene Mc Daniels – Jagger The Dagger

4- The Floyd Family Singers – That’s A Sign Of The Times

5- Willie Williams – Armagedeon Time

6- Black Uhuru – Apocalypse

7- Pressure Drop – Sound of Time

8- Yellowman – Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt

9- Pete Dunaway – Supermarket

10- Can – Vitamin C

11- Talking Heads – Warning Sign

12- The Police – When The World Is Running Down

13- Jack Jones – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again

14- Joe Tex – Pneumonia

15- Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Straightening Out

16- Bossa Combo – Apocalypse

17- Belle and Sebastian – Get Me Away I’m Dying

18- Johnny Hammond – Tell Me What To Do

19- Parliament – Mothership Connection

20- June Tyson – We Travel The Spaceways_1

21- Marcus Belgrave – Space Odyssey

22- 291out present 291outer space ‎– Cryogenesis

23- Gil Scott-Heron – Must Be Something

24- Dennis Brown – No Man Is An Island

25- Romie Singh – Dancing to Forget

26- Al Hudson – Spread Love

As this situation has now become the new normality, most of us are trying to make the most of it, enjoying taking some time out, rediscovering the music library and exploring the BFI catalogue, trying to be creative, doing lots of stretches, spending less time of social media…well at least that’s the aim 😉

I will most likely publish a part 2 in the coming weeks to reflect upon the evolving sentiments, music is the healing force of the universe, more than ever.

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The Race – Ironman New Zealand (Through the Eyes of Silvia Gin)

During the days leading to the ironman in Taupo, I was followed 24/7 by the eyes/camera of Silvia, who made this little art project video about it. Enjoy!



The Race from Silvia Gin on Vimeo.

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In early March I was in the best shape I’ve been at that time of the year. To validate all the hard labor I took part of the Mudman duathlon, which I hadn’t done since 2009 (then my first ever duathlon) when I finished 2nd behind a certain Sam Gardner. I remember not being able to walk for a couple days afterwards. Up and down and up and down and repeat ad infinitum; nothing technical just a hard and honest race. The preps for Norseman started here. After a prudent start I slowly but surely ran past everyone and entered T1 with a 15sec lead, feeling easy. After 3/4 of the bike I was 1:30 ahead and just had to cruise home. Then somehow a rock (I believe, as this all happended underwater – yes we had to ride (and run) knee deep for about 100m each lap) hit my rear mech which got caught in the wheel and destroyed as a result. Frame got cracked too. Game over that was. + more