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August 2017
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New Release (BATB 002) – BlackBush Orchestra – Famiglia EP

The (long awaited) 2nd release on our Beauty and the Beat label has finally landed, and it’s a family affair. The main producer is our man Atemi based in Nantes, long time partner in crime behind the decks and fellow record digger and music lover. About his first release, Atemi says that “at the heart of this project is to let the music come alive and evolve out of the meeting of musicians with different styles and backgrounds.”


On this 3 track EP, we start with an ode to friendship, “My People“:



Things get deeper, cosmic and tribal on the next piece, “Bamba Ditounalene“, an interpretation of a traditional west African chant, recounting the origins of Mami Wata (Mother Water)’s power. Mixed by no less than Vakula himself:



On the B side and in its full 45rpm glory we have (another man of ours) Kay Suzuki‘s remix of “Sortez, les Filles!“, a self confessed invitation to dance in space, and the one track that’s turned a few heads already. I played it in Sapporo’s Precious Hall just before its official release and it sounded absolutely insane. Mr Suzuki has been in a world of his own lately in terms of production skills!



As well as in some selected record shops (Sounds of the Universe, Phonica, Juno), the release is still available physically (not for long!) and digitally on our bandcamp.


What with my triathlon career over soon (!), we can expect more activity on the label front in the months and years to come!

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End Of A Chapter…

As I am writing this I would rather have been in Kalmar, Sweden, getting ready to compete in the last Ironman of the 2017 season, aiming for a top 2 spot which should have been sufficient to qualify for Kona. Kona, the mecca, the holy grail for long distance triathletes which has been my one and only focus in training this year. Admittedly it was an ambitious goal, but with a lot of luck and a decent form it could have been possible. But I have finally admitted that the dream is over and that I won’t see Kona. Not as an athlete anyway.


Actually before Kalmar (which was a last resort race) the plan was to be in Maastricht 2 weeks ago. But the plan had gone off piste 2 months ago, as soon as I crossed the finish line in Japan’s 70.3 Centrair race. The body had shut down and I couldn’t literally move anymore. A few days later I went up and down Mt Fuji on one leg,…A few weeks later, as I still couldn’t even jog I was diagnosed with a stress fracture on my left sacrum (and a less developed one on my right side) which, in the words of my osteopath, meant game over. However no one is more stubborn (and delusional) than a triathlete, and deep inside I still thought I could probably start running a few weeks earlier than planned, build up slowly and hopefully be able to have at least a go at qualifying. After all I knew that my swim and bike fitness were as good or even stronger than ever, and I figured out that some time off running could possibly be beneficial come race day. Maybe? Well I believed in it, did a few runs and felt ok…but never quite right. Only last Thursday, less than 10 days before the race and Kona deadline, I realised after a painful jog that the game was, indeed, over. No Kona for me, as going as an amateur in future years is just not an option for various reasons.


So that’s it, that’s me done with triathlon. Almost. 2017 was always going to be my last year, exactly 10 years after I started. I have been around a lot, met amazing friends and done some of the most spectacular races around. Embrunman, Alpe d’Huez LD, Xterra Maui, Norseman, IM Nice, IM Lanzarote, Xterra Saipan, Xterra Japan…the memories will be there for ever. However, before I start reminiscing a bit deeper and longer on a future post, I am still planning to do one last race where I can leave on a good note, shave my legs for the first time ever (!), make a party out of it. Possibly Barcelona at the end of September, if not we’ll see. But I’ll keep on training for now.


Massive thanks to my sponsors KIWAMI and CEEPO for allowing me to pursued this dream, I truly couldn’t think of better partners.



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Norseman 2016

Un résumé de la course en français se trouve ici sur le site de Trimes:


My whole 2016 season has been shaped around this AA race. The preparation started at the beginning of November, when the list of selected athletes was announced. I must have read the race manual at least a dozen times to make sure I was ready come race day with every technical, physical and logistic aspects of this mythical race. That leaves plenty of time (9 months) to have recurring dreams about one of the most renowned and most coveted finish lines in the world of triathlon. The summit of the G.A.U.S.T.A.T.O.P.P.E.N.


Norseman means support team. You don’t race on your own like in a regular triathlon. Nobody will get DQed for outside assistance here. In fact this is compulsory, as the only 2 aid stations are at K25 and K32.5 of the run, some 8 hours + into the race. The team that follows us throughout the day is there to feed us, dress/undress us, calm our nerves, shout at us, encourage us, etc. This is one of the key aspects that makes this race so special. Then of course you have the course (unique and magical nordic landscape, cold fjords, 5 ‘cols’ on the bike for a total elevation of 3360m, and last but not least possibly the hardest run of any iron event with the 12K of Zombie Hill averaging 10% followed by 5K of fell ‘running’ (scrambling really) to reach the finish line, at an altitude of 1883m). Add to this a rather hostile and unpredictable weather, and that gives you a never ending yet unforgettable day out ! + more

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Ironman Kalmar

6 weeks after the huge deception of a DNF in Nice, I could finally toe a start line again and put that race in the past. Here I was in Kalmar, Sweden, roughly half way between Stockholm and Copenhagen, an unknown part of the world for me, with a vague expectation of a top 5, a sub 9 h and a sub 3 h…Finish at the very least!


I enrolled my dad for the journey to one of the most civilised countries on the planet, one that seems to live on berries, mushrooms, salmon and alcohol. At 6-7 euros a beer, this is not exactly the cheapest place around, but luckily we didn’t come here to get drunk.

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Let’s Talk About Dub

I was recently asked by my friend Jim Lister to write a blurb about some of my favorite dub records for his recently launched Version blog, and since dub has always been a major influence in my life, I was more than happy to comply, and here is what I came up with:

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Beauty And The Beat / End Of The Night Top 12

“It’s Sun Ra. You can dance to it. That’s why Beauty And The Beat exists.”


The ever so lovely Dr Rob @ Test Pressing asked us what a top 12 of end-of-the-night tunes would sound like and this is what we came up with. Here’s the reproduction of the original Test Pressing post. All bona fide BATB classics right there.


PS: I didn’t bribe Rob in any way for that last paragraph! + more

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XTerra Italy 2014

Although I entered the race in January, I still wasn’t sure to be on the start line 10 days prior to the event. A couple of encounters with the tarmac resulting in a few broken bones and a stressed body had put me out of xterra Portugal and IM Nice already. However as I was finally starting to recover some fitness and motivation along the way, I thought I’d give the race a go as I’d heard raving reports from last year’s inaugural event.

Scanno is a couple of hours drive away from Rome, tucked away in the Abruzzo region. The meandering road to get there is stunning, the lago is rather inviting, and sitting at 1000m altitude this is mountain territory with not an inch of flat in sight. Typical authentic Italian village where a lot of life is concentrated around the main piazza, which conveniently enough is where my accommodation Albergo Centrale happens to be.

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The original plan of racing XTERRA Italy didn’t happen because of my old grumpy friend Achilles, and instead of a nice week-end in the Abruzzes I was now in for an extended 10 day trip between Prachatice in eastern Czech Republic and Zittau at the corner of Germany, Czech and Poland. Not quite the same vibe. However this meant 10 days of living the high life of a pro triathlete (sic), which hadn’t happened since my SE Asia tour of 2012…so while not quite the same vibe still, why not…Fellow pro superstar Nienke Oostra would join me on this glamorous tour, along with the usual suspects of the xterra gang. + more

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Embrunman 2012

3 weeks exactly after the fiasco of the Alpe d’Huez, I am back in Hautes-Alpes territory for the almighty Embrunman. Longest running triathlon in Europe, 29th edition this year. Toughest iron distance race in the world, arguably. The bike course is 188k long – we’re in France after all, so why not? – and includes the ascent of the mighty col de l’Izoard amongst some 5000m of positive climbing; the marathon is the correct distance but features another 400m of elevation and is usually run under a deadly sun.
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Saipan flashback