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On a personal level, Ironman France 2016 will go down a landmark, what with press articles, sudden increase in strava followers, and most importantly a new sponsor with KIWAMI !


Barely a few minutes after crossing the finish line I was on the mic with Mathieu Amielh, whom I knew previously from Triathlete magazine. He has now published a fantastic photo report of IM Nice fror Strava, in which I have a small role 😉


The morning after the race I had completed an interview with the triathlon website bible Trimes, which you can  read here (in French).


Finally the good result (2nd French after all) coupled with my good looks (!) landed me a new sponsorship deal with my favorite triathlon brand, Kiwami. Believe me I am not lying, since I’ve been racing (unsponsored !) in Kiwami gear since I first ‘discovered’ the brand @ Embrunman in 2010 !


Very much looking forward to parade my Kiwami ass around as much as I can for the next 2 seasons !


Ced for Kiwami

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Post Ironman Nice  I allowed myself a full week of recovery (by that I mean not training, as I surely wasn’t sleeping much what with a few parties/gigs in a row…), and it seems my body really needed it as I was still limping 5 days after the race – my calves especially took a good beating on the promenade. The first few sessions back I didn’t feel so great, but by the end of the 2nd week I started to feel good again. To feel actually stronger than before the IM, in ALL disciplines (even in the swim, go figure). I even did a couple of PBs on my usual loop on the bike, and some really strong runs. Having now done a dozen ironman or so (and completed 8) I can see a pattern in that after an IM (even a tough/painful one) I start feeling stronger within 2 to 3 weeks later. Not a  scoop, this is called overcompensation. All that to say that my plan for xterra France was to decide at the last minute whether or not to take part, but given the fine form it was a no brainer…I booked myself an airbnb in Le Tholy, some 25 min drive from Xonrupt, and off I went.

This was my sixth time in the Vosges since I first came for the inaugural xterra in 2010, having done 4 xterras from 2010 to 2013, and the great Geradmer XL road triathlon in 2010 as well. Why ? Because the races are organised by the Charbonnier family at a high level of professionalism, and because I fell in love with the region (Alsace). One year we had a massive heatwave, but generally rain is expected with mud a gogo. Also this is the toughest xterra on the circuit along with Scanno’s, meaning a perfect training race for Norseman 5 weeks later. Or so I thought…

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IM Nice…total fiasco!

That should have been the big one. My A race for 2015, for which I had various goals like a top 10, a sub 9:15 and a sub 3:00 marathon. Totally doable after a decent IM Lanzarote 5 weeks prior, and being in the shape of my life in between these 2 races. But on race day I was empty… + more

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Courir Méditations Physiques – Guillaume le Blanc

La course est une fiction

“L’art du marathonien est un art qui ne cesse de fuir, de devenir toujours plus mobile, liquide. La liquidité, c’est l’état gazeux du temps que le coureur parvient a éprouver quand il est en plein dehors, en état d’apesanteur ou presque et que son corps s’est a ce point dilaté qu’il ne se laisse plus ramener a un point fixe, véritable capteur identitaire, mais qu’il parvient a traverser des états de corps qui sont des états du monde.” + more

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This was my 4th year in a row competing in Xonrupt, the land of the Charbonnier family, organisers of excellence. I’ve seen the race grow from superb to fantastic, in conditions ranging from extreme heat to mud fest to a mix of both. The race has now 850 starters, and that’s not counting the xterra lite and the kids races. It’s a mini festival of of its own. And of course it still is the toughest course out there, with a 2 hour + mtb and a run course even longer than previously. And we all love it ! The smell of the Vosgian earth is worth the travel alone, these are enchanted, magical woods. + more

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I wasn’t sure whether to do that one or not, having been ignored and then denied an entry by the organisers (i for one believe that the least they should do is to give free registration to the pros – not being a princess here, it’s hard enough financially as it is…) but still i went as a last minute decision. Ideally i’d like to do 6 out of 8 races on the European circuit to be able to have a ranking, and since I’ll most likely give Czech and Germany a miss i had not much choice. + more

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23 kilos a la seconde

Un homme de mensurations moyennes gravissant le Galibier, par exemple, développe durant une heure une puissance de 23 kilos a la seconde, soit a peu pres un tiers de cheval-vapeur…Alors que le taux de travail du métier manuel le plus pénible atteint exceptionnellement, et pour quelques minutes, un sixieme de cheval.”Pierre Chany

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à pied dans l’Alpe

C’est traître un col. On croit que le pourcentage va s’atténuer et c’est au contraire un raidillon qui vous guette à la sortie du tournant. Le moral en prend un coup, on se dit non, cette fois je vais lâcher. C’est précisément là qu’il faut insister, surtout si le sommet approche, et il approche forcément. Eric Fottorino

Moi c’était plutôt la peur de rentrer a pied qui m’a fait pédaler jusqu’au sommet…le col de l’Alpe je le connaissais bien, mais ça n’a pas suffit. Ce n’est pas un classique pour rien!!

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Here’s a recent in depth interview I did for the top quality music blog Test Pressing, courtesy of Dr Rob and Apiento. All you need to know about the Woo, and maybe even more 😉

Off the same blog, 2 old mixes of mine, here and here

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DJ/TRIATHLETE article in DJ Mag